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What’s New in Crypto World apart FTX?

BTC holders are increasing

Long-term holder supply is at all-time highs – at least one good thing!

Bitcoin Halving Rallies

Visual of BTC cycles to give you some hope. All time high was reached on Nov 10, 2021 . We are now over 1 year downtrend, perhaps soon in 2-4 months we will start seeing bulls coming back.

Crypto is coming to Ecommerce

60 000 eCommerce sites can now accept crypto Why does this matter? BigCommerce processes more than $10b in payments each year and they run e-commerce sites for companies like Sony. BigCommerce believes this will help them compete with their biggest competitor, Shopify.  Yippie! That’s exciting too!

Zombie Coins


Americans are starting to rack up long-term credit card debt. 60% of creditors owe debt for a year or more.

WEB3 Gaming

Creators from popular titles like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty launched a new web3 gaming studio, Random Games.

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