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What’s new in crypto world?

Just last week, Fidelity published a study which found that 74% of institutional investors plan on purchasing cryptocurrency in the future despite the crypto bear market. Given that Fidelity is one of the largest asset managers in the world, its findings should be taken seriously.


Bitcoin volatility is low. How low? very Low. Typically, levels of extremely low volatility are followed by levels of extremely high volatility.


According to two separate surveys, the next catalyst for crypto adoption could come from…more regulation?

Nearly 60% of respondents to a Bloomberg survey view the recent fury in regulatory action in the industry as a positive for the asset class


Polygon has had a big year for partnerships. They’ve teamed up with Reddit, Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz, and more.

And they added 2 more big partnerships to their resume this week:

  • JPMorgan (the world’s largest bank) used Polygon to make its first-ever DeFi trade. It was the first time a traditional bank completed a DeFi trade on a public blockchain
  • Instagram will be using Polygon to support creating, minting, buying & selling NFTs directly on the app

Bitcoin mining ban

An energy producer in Canada’s largest province asked for permission from the Canadian government to pull the plug on crypto miners. Will other countries start to follow suit? They have clearly done their “research”

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