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Crypto News – ETH Ranks? WTF is Aptos & More


If you own 1 ETH, congrats ! You’re a crab. Anything below = shrimp (nom nom nom)
50 ETH, you’re a fish
1000 ETH, you’re a whale.
That’s right, the crypto food chain is looking like a Red Lobster menu.

Tell us in comments what fish are you ?!

How’s good ole’ Ethereum doing nowadays? We took a look under the hood to see what was really going on since the merge.
The supply of ETH has been decreasing.
15m+ ETH is being staked (~12% of the entire ETH supply)
ETH issuance has gone down by ~98%. Since the Merge, only ~7k new ETH have entered the supply. The yearly issuance has gone from 3.66% –> 0.07%

Should we buy a dip as long term ETH figures look promising ?

Bitcoin flowing out of exchanges

Roundabout $950 Million worth of bitcoin is flowing out of exchanges
• Just shy of 50,000 bitcoin is leaving exchanges–the biggest plunge since June.
• Basically, this means that large holders of Bitcoin are done trading

Aptos Launch – Solana killer? Is it Really ?

There’s a new blockchain in town this week and it’s quickly wearing out.

Aptos (APT) is a Layer-1 Proof-of-stake blockchain running on its own Move programming language. Its mainnet finally launched this past week after being in development for a couple years.

Why we are staying away from it ?

Reason NO1!

Aptos token distribution scheme is among the worst designs ever:

foundation 67.5%
team 19%
investors 13.5%

Reason NO2!

APTOS Network performance crashed after launch. Aptos claimed it could process 100k transactions per second (TPS). However, the current TPS is ~4 transactions per second.

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