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Why am I looking to buy some MATIC ?

Reason number 1 and the main one !

L2 usage is growing big time.

What is Polygon (MATIC) ? 

It’s the largest L2 scaling solution built for Ethereum. The MATIC token is an ERC-20 token that powers the entire Polygon ecosystem. It’s used to pay for gas fees, for staking, and for governance. 

MAX SUPPLY: 10 Billion


Polygon is not an Ethereum killer. Instead of trying to beat them, they are working with Ethereum to improve the infrastructure. This has a major advantage because of the extreme network effect Ethereum already has with users, Dapps and programmers working on the platform.  As a matter of fact, Over 19k+ dApps have used Polygon to scale their performance.

Polygon was on fire in Q3 2022. And it’s all because of one thing – partnerships. 

Recently Polygon teamed up with:

  1. Starbucks to launch its web3 loyalty program
  2. Stripe to allow contractors to be paid out with crypto anywhere in the world
  3. Robinhood to launch its first non-custodial wallet
  4. Disney
  5. Facebook
  6. Mercedes-Benz.
  7.  to let users buy items from Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc using $MATIC. 

Not a surprise Polygon’s token, MATIC, is up big because of it (up 55% in Q3). At the time of writing trading at 0.84$   (6/10/2022) . A 71.46% below the all-time high of $2.92. 

Crypto Asset Research Platform Rating is pretty positive.

COINLABZZ STRATEGY: DCA small part of portfolio funds to get Layer 2 exposure. 

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