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Crypto News: BlackRock, & WEB3

Phantom Wallet introduces option to burn unwanted NFTs to fight NFT Spam

Spam is a hard problem to solve as bad actors are taking advantage of Solana’s low transaction fees to exploit iconic mechanics of web3, such as NFT airdrops. Luckily Phantom Wallet is introducing an option to delete such unwanted NFTs .To remove unwanted wallet spam, simply select the NFT you want to burn in the Collectables Tab and select the Burn Token function located in the top-right ellipsis menu.

Once an NFT is burned, the token is permanently removed from the wallet and you receive a small deposit of SOL. Woohoo!

BlackRock partners up with Coinbase to bring big money to Crypto

BlackRock Inc is by some measures the biggest investment management company across the globe. “The Giant” has 10$ Trillion in assets under management (Yes, that’s T for Trillion) and they just teamed up with Coinbase.

Why is that important? Well, BlackRock is HUGE and the partnership makes it easier for their big institutional clients to buy crypto.

And let’s be frank here, BlackRock would not be doing this if it didn’t see this demand from its clients. This integration will now allow these clients to effectively manage digital asset risk in the context of their broader portfolios. Hooray! Fewer barriers to adoption mean more adoption – simple.

Tech Giants and Largest Investment Management Companies making investments into blockchain companies

Recently released report shows that big investment management companies, and tech firms including the likes of Microsoft, PayPal, Samsung, and BlackRock are putting their big bucks into crypto companies and startups.

Over the last 9 months, 40 of the top 100 public companies have invested ~$6b into web3companies. Google, BlackRock , Morgan Stanley & Samsung led the way in total funding.

Whoop-de-doo, that’s all for today.

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